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Reimagining our Relationship with Rain

At Susdrainable, we work with nature to harvest the power of rain. With each design, we strive to create more beautiful and biodiverse outdoor spaces. We offer a range of services to meet the needs of both commercial and domestic properties. From design of entire outdoors spaces, to installation of a water butts or rain tanks in gardens, we have a solution for any size space.

Garden Design

We provide design and installation for gardens or outdoor spaces. Although our focus is primarily on rainwater solutions, we are happy to integrate them with other design features such as raised beds, seating, and permeable paving.


Rain Garden Planters

Rain garden planters receive water directly from a downpipe. As well as slowing down the flow of surface water, rain planters also help reduce pollution, increase biodiversity, and they look pretty good too!


Rainwater Storage

We construct planters that contain hidden rainwater storage tanks. As well as reducing flood risk, rainwater storage can help to reduce water bills by providing water for tasks such as watering plants (indoors and out), or cleaning (e.g. windows, car, bike).

Priory 1.jpg

Green Roof Bin Shelters

As well as being a beautiful storage solution that provides habitat and pollen for wildlife, our green roof bin shelters also help to increase the quantity of permeable surface on a property, thereby reducing surface water runoff.


Water Butt Installation

For those who just want to dip their toe into the world of rainwater, we offer a chance to begin your journey with the installation of a water butt. Fear not, for you can always add more in the future!

Water butt.jpeg
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